One of the most consistent, winning, female paddlers of all time .... there are few other paddlers who are as fluid and balanced as Jenny Kalmbach. With the ease and precision of a dancer floating across the stage, Jenny glides across the ocean in a way that most of us only dream of.
— Roch Frey, Riding Bumps 2013

Group Sessions & One-on-One

Whether you're just starting out in standup paddling or you're a seasoned racer, you can train with Jenny and get valuable tips from her years of experience as a professional SUP racer. To book a session with Jenny or get information on upcoming clinics, contact JK Management


  • Paddle Technique
  • Training on & off the water
  • Race Tips
  • Nutrition 
  • Equipment Insight (Boards, Paddles, Accessories) 


If you've already taken a clinic with Jenny or you want to get more insight into Jenny's training program, check out the JK 10-week Short Distance Race Build on Riding Bumps.